Vittorio Arrigoni Attivista ucciso a Gaza

Vittorio Arrigoni Attivista ucciso a Gaza
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martedì 18 novembre 2008

Squat_TV:Le Nazioni dei Senzatetto


Il Mazzo di chiavi from Asfalto on Vimeo.

Asfalto, il Blog delle persone senza dimora ti Bologna
Tele_Asfalto-La televisione delle persone senza dimora di Bologna
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Tv_Squat on the World_HomelessNationTv

La Nazione dei senza tetto
audio e immagini del popolo degli invisibili senza voce
Di seguito elenco interventi video

A look at a typical Homeless Naton Workshop, held at the Gathering Place, Vancouver BC 2008. This week the group discussed how they felt about the 2010 Olympics and the protests that have been ongoing in this city.

Snow Day
Snow Day with Trevor and Devin! How to keep yourself warm in this crazy Vancouver weather. Edited by Chris, Filmed by Trevor and Devin
Vicktor plays piano at the Gathering Place

Where are the children?
A Man Name Red in Victoria

Lauren talks to us about housing, the games, and the difficulty in accessing treamtment option for youth, from the Main & 33rd Homes for All Action.

STAND for Housing-Homes for All-Little Mountain
calling attention to the Provincial budget's failure to
seriously address Housing and Homelessness, and at the federal level-- the need
for a permanent national low-income housing program.
Homeless Nation interviews the "STAND for Housing-Homes for All!" location of Main and 33rd avenue where the residents are taking a stand to protect their 224 low income residential units from rezoning

Nathan talks to us about his strenghts, the importance of peer positions, the need to speak for yourself, how to prevent homlessness, and what the ministry could be doing different.

Victor plays an original piece during the Gathing Place Workshop.

Educational Inspiration
Ben talks about his proposal to bring post secondary education to the streets.

Entry Denied

Introduction to the Common Experience Payment for Survivors of Residential Schools: who's eligible, and how to apply.

CEP Part 2
Details on the Common Experience Payment for Residential School Survivors.

police violence
Derek and KoLiN interview a young panhandler about violence on the street.

Derek's shadow shift
newby derek takes the camera out for the 1st time

Victor plays us an original piece in memory of those no longer with us.

Under One Umbrella Service Providers Fair
Paul has lived on the Streets of Victoria, British Columbia - Canada for the past 10 years. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. He writes poetry and stories which he sells for a buck or two on the streets where he chooses to live to allow him to continue to write. Hear this in his own words.

Six County
Written and read by Paul F. Burnside on January 3, 2007 in downtown Victoria, British Columbia - Canada.

Levee 2008
Written and read by Paul F. Burnside on January 2, 2008 in downtown Victoria, British Columbia - Canada.

Tricked by Plastic Flickering
Read by author Paul F. Burnside in Victoria, British Columbia - Canada on January 3, 2008

The Hen and the Chalk
Written by Paul F. Burnside on January 2, 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia - Canada. Read by the Author.

Harassment by VPD
Real talk about harassment and brutality at the hands of Vancouver Police Department and how it has increased as we approach the 2010 games. Thanks to all those who interviewed for this video. Filmed by Devin, Edited by Chris

Bed Bugs
Filmed by Devin

Richard talks to us from Covenant House during National Addicitons Awareness Week.

Joel at Covenant House
Joel talks to us about his life on the streets of Vancouver.

James plays a song he wrote for his brother, recorded at Covenant House in Vancouver, during National Addicitons Awareness Week.

Interview on Homelessness in Vancouver
Filmed by J.Hock / Devin (In the Summer)
Edited by Colin

Harm Reduction 2
Filmed by Devin / J.Hock
Edited by Colin

OCAP Goes Underground
Christmas Blaahhhs.

Okay, so it’s the holidays, this can be a tricky time of year, especially when you are homeless or poor. Watch the video to get some suggestions about how to cope with this time of year.

If you choose to drink, remember that alcohol is depressant meanings it can make you feel worse and even heighten symptoms of depression.

Be safe if using substances, when we feel shitty, we can make poor decisions, ones that we would not generally make. Don’t use feeling depressed about the holidays as an excuse to use excessively, unsafe or alone.

If you don’t want to be alone, find out what is going on in your community. Drop-in centres, support groups, church or other community resources are available over Christmas. The best free meals in every city happen around this time of year and several resources provide holiday parties, hampers and gifts.

The media would have us believe that at this time of year perfect families get together over the perfect meal to have a perfect time together. This is not the reality. These images are designed to make you want to buy stuff you don’t need or want, see them for what they are and don’t compare yourself or your situation to what we see in advertising.

Remember you are valued and appreciated. People care about you.

The Christmas season can be tough, but hang on; it only lasts a few weeks.

If you are feeling depressed or suicidal talk to someone.
Vancouver Crisis Line: 604-872-3311

Terrance takes another 24
Terrance shares his experiences in recovery, and provides some inspiration to those out there 'doing the daily grind'.

Two Acoustic Guitar Songs
ATSA visitor serenades us

Loss of Control Edit
All control was lost edit between HN camera and a Mini DV

Spy and Squeaks
David and Laura come to Van for a visit and talk about how they left the streets and what they are up to now.

420 music
49th Peril represent East Van to the fullest. B-Ku and Corvid are known for tight lyrics, from homelessness to drugs to politics, they always speak the truth. Big ups to them for supporting Homeless Nation so please support these local cats whenever you can!

Hip-Hop Politics Pt.1
Eekwol and Mils are a brother sister duo from Saskatoon representing for the First Nations People. Super talented with the right politics, support these two whenever and wherever you can. Big ups to them for supporting Homeless Nation.

Illegal Evictions in the Downtown Eastside
On Friday November 23rd, community activists, residents, tenants and local politicians came out to voice their concern over another illegal eviction in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The newest hotel, the Dominion, is being turned from a Single Room Occupancy hotel to a "chic boutique" just in time for the 2010 Olympic games. All residents will be out on the streets come December 31st. Spread the word about these illegal evictions, say NO to the gentrification of the eastside!

Victoria Homeless Nation starts cross country video
To celebrate the fact that there are now over 2000 members of Homeless Nation this video will make its way across Canada, starting in Victoria, BC. Citizens of Homeless Nation speak out

Audio  e immagini del popolo degli invisibili senza voce
La Nazione dei senza tetto
By Bimbesquatters

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